you are a reflection of the company you keep

Self-doubt is a calculated monster thriving on subtleties.  It's the summation of all of the little, almost forgettable occurrences perhaps glazed over in the moment, only to resurface in totality with every other fleeting thought about not being good enough that had once skipped across your mind. Assurance has to be instilled by the self and only the … Continue reading you are a reflection of the company you keep

this is it?

It’s 5:30 AM and I’m cleaning up toys. I heard Izzy chirping through the monitor at 4:30 for a bit.  She was happy, at least.  (Or, to give her due credit, I should say as usual.) But while she did eventually fall back asleep, I did not. Well… I might as well get up and be productive… Izzy has a large playpen, which has … Continue reading this is it?