awareness & action do not begin & end on social media

Let me start off by saying that I’m hyper-aware of the irony in expressing my frustrations with the internet and social platforms using those very things as the vehicle to get my message across.  Fitting though, as that is the nature of this beast, the internet.

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ten things recent graduates should NOT write in a cover letter

The history of the cover letter is a pretty interesting one. Its origins date back to the 1950s, beginning with a New York Times job ad for an industrial paint chemist. “Submit resume with cover letter” is what it read. Since then, the cover letter has become an inevitable and tedious part of each job application.

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spotlight series: an interview with scribbles by nicole

I’ve written pretty extensively on this idea that I have a primal need to be creative, and if I’m not, I feel a little lost.  It’s in the foundation of my being.  As I write this, I’ve got two other pieces open on my computer and a list of projects I would like to start working on that grows each day.  I want the things I create to mean something: to have substance (be it serious or more light-hearted) and inspire people to think.

This is exactly what I find in Scribbles by Nicole‘s work.  Her drawings strike me: they’re introspective and silly and emotional and light. She has the ability to reveal so much about herself and the way she sees the world while still remaining a private person.  I’m so excited to have gotten the chance to talk to her about her craft, balancing being a creative with corporate work, and what her future looks like.  Read on to find out!

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collector’s items

A collecting fanatic.  Corners of my universe serving as miniature temples dedicated to honoring the things I did not want to forget, the things from which I could not part. At my youngest: the tags from my clothing. Labels cut from purple OSHKOSH spandex tees to stop the itching stacked neatly and fit into the palm of my hand. Snoopy figurines acquired from any place of availability – the one of Woodstock sleeping on Snoopy’s belly  detached from a red plastic wrapped box of Valentine’s Day candy was my favorite.  The characters in Halloween costumes that doubled as a piggy bank was a close second. Continue reading

navigating a conversation to ensure solidarity does not bleed into narcissism

Bonds between individuals are most often rooted in and solidified by shared experience*. This does not refer to instances that are lived through simultaneously; rather, possession of the ability to resonate with our peers by taking our own lived experience and using it as a lens of understanding when approaching theirs. It’s comforting to know that in times of splendor and in times of strife (especially those of the latter), we are not completely alone.

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