collector’s items

A collecting fanatic.  Corners of my universe serving as miniature temples dedicated to honoring the things I did not want to forget, the things from which I could not part. At my youngest: the tags from my clothing. Labels cut from purple OSHKOSH spandex tees to stop the itching stacked neatly and fit into the palm of my hand. Snoopy figurines acquired from any place of availability – the one of Woodstock sleeping on Snoopy’s belly  detached from a red plastic wrapped box of Valentine’s Day candy was my favorite.  The characters in Halloween costumes that doubled as a piggy bank was a close second. Continue reading


navigating a conversation to ensure solidarity does not bleed into narcissism

Bonds between individuals are most often rooted in and solidified by shared experience*. This does not refer to instances that are lived through simultaneously; rather, possession of the ability to resonate with our peers by taking our own lived experience and using it as a lens of understanding when approaching theirs. It’s comforting to know that in times of splendor and in times of strife (especially those of the latter), we are not completely alone.

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a metaphorical patchwork quilt

I want to thank you for your contribution, be it monumental or otherwise, to this metaphorical patchwork quilt. It seems I have become the keeper of the parts of people they have left with me, though we may have parted ways.  The collection of these instances has been subtle, and often they are mine without my realizing it.

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