this is it?

It’s 5:30 AM and I’m cleaning up toys. I heard Izzy chirping through the monitor at 4:30 for a bit.  She was happy, at least.  (Or, to give her due credit, I should say as usual.) But while she did eventually fall back asleep, I did not. Well… I might as well get up and be productive… Izzy has a large playpen, which has … Continue reading this is it?

ten posts in one

In my very first post I claimed that, besides the impact on your personal finances, I could write ten more posts about other benefits of learning how to cook.  I wondered, Hmmm, can I really think of 10 other benefits? Damn right I can: Eating deliciously is one of life’s simplest joys.  ‘Nuff said. Your … Continue reading ten posts in one

meat tooth crosses over to the dark (chocolate) side

There’s an old wives’ tale that says you will crave sweets if you’re pregnant with a girl, salts if you’re pregnant with a boy.  This is probably complete BS, but if there was ever proof anywhere, it was me when I was pregnant. Now, it certainly wasn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy: we didn’t find out Isabelle was … Continue reading meat tooth crosses over to the dark (chocolate) side