not all fun & games

In an effort to make my online presence as a writer a bit more cohesive, I will be taking pieces of mine published on various platforms and adding them to my LipLiner portfolio.  Next up is a piece originally published for HerCampus SUNY New Paltz in October 2015 — “Not All Fun and Games”.  Enjoy!   Continue reading


second string


I was 26 the first time I skied. It was absolutely terrifying. I was on a 3% incline bunny hill and I was scared to death. Tiny kids were zipping around me while I was cursing under my breath at them. The worst of it was my husband, an expert skier, laughing at me. In retrospect, I understand that it was funny watching a grown woman fall down every three seconds on an almost-flat hill.

But that day? Not funny. I wanted to shove my ski pole up his…

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giving up the game

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When you go to college to play a sport, it essentially becomes your whole life. The only thing you can think about is eating, schoolwork, and how many minutes you have to nap before your next practice. I played Division I soccer at Fairleigh Dickinson University for three years. During those three years, I experienced the highs and lows the life of a college athlete entails: from being a last place team in conference to being a regular season champion. I experienced mass-bonding by traveling all over the North East for tournaments and staying in hotels with twenty-five of my best friends.

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