october is domestic violence awareness month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is dedicated to shedding light on domestic violence as a human rights issue, as well as on the various forms it can take and how to seek help when in such a relationship.

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a metaphorical patchwork quilt

I want to thank you for your contribution, be it monumental or otherwise, to this metaphorical patchwork quilt. It seems I have become the keeper of the parts of people they have left with me, though we may have parted ways.  The collection of these instances has been subtle, and often they are mine without my realizing it.

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among the wreckage

Sediments of dirt and ash dance together, intertwining with the knots in your hair as you pull yourself from the fire.  You are aware of the thickness in the air as it pierces your eyes, pierces your lungs. You use only your arms to pull yourself backwards. Legs unbending and helplessly dragged along. The heels of your shoes imprint upon the ground in parallel lines that will not cross as you continue to move forward. Technicalities will tell you you’re actually moving backwards, but you know you’re doing anything but.  Continue reading

revisiting my eighth grade letter (almost) ten years later 

When I was in the eighth grade, one of my teachers had all of the students write a letter to themselves four years in the future as graduating high school students.  The year was 2008: I had braces, loved making people laugh, and knew I wanted to have a career in writing.  To this day, not much has changed.  I received this letter but four years later – now 2012, as I was preparing to enter SUNY New Paltz as a college freshman.  I truly don’t remember my initial reaction upon opening the note, but it was sentimental enough and has stayed tacked on my bulletin board.  As time would have it, another four years have passed, and 2008 Bridget (that’s when people first started calling her Bird) never received a response to her letter, until today:

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