navigating a conversation to ensure solidarity does not bleed into narcissism

Bonds between individuals are most often rooted in and solidified by shared experience*. This does not refer to instances that are lived through simultaneously; rather, possession of the ability to resonate with our peers by taking our own lived experience and using it as a lens of understanding when approaching theirs. It’s comforting to know that in times of splendor and in times of strife (especially those of the latter), we are not completely alone.

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how to successfully throw a friendsgiving celebration

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard of Friendsgiving – a portmanteau of the words friendship and Thanksgiving coined for groups of pals everywhere to take the season of thanks one step further by dedicating a day during the holiday season to celebrate friendship exclusively.

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a metaphorical patchwork quilt

I want to thank you for your contribution, be it monumental or otherwise, to this metaphorical patchwork quilt. It seems I have become the keeper of the parts of people they have left with me, though we may have parted ways.  The collection of these instances has been subtle, and often they are mine without my realizing it.

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among the wreckage

Sediments of dirt and ash dance together, intertwining with the knots in your hair as you pull yourself from the fire.  You are aware of the thickness in the air as it pierces your eyes, pierces your lungs. You use only your arms to pull yourself backwards. Legs unbending and helplessly dragged along. The heels of your shoes imprint upon the ground in parallel lines that will not cross as you continue to move forward. Technicalities will tell you you’re actually moving backwards, but you know you’re doing anything but.  Continue reading