everyone is confused about what “business casual” means

Long gone are the days of employees exclusively wearing suits and pencil skirts to work,  and good riddance! As businesses develop office cultures that are more casual, their dress codes have begun to echo that.  Employees can more easily express their personality in the workplace through their wardrobes.

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a day of dreaming (on youth)

One day as I was scrolling through Twitter, I came across a platform called Dream on Youth.  The content was compelling: I had stumbled upon the account amidst their “Self-Worth Wednesday”weekly segment, where the platform encourages their extended reach to share photos of themselves complemented by an expression of self-love. I found myself inspired by the account’s bio. When I first found the account, it read: We are one community building an empire of social goodness.  Welcome to your safe space to raise self-awareness and give a voice to the fight against stigmas. At the time of publication, it reads: We are the most bad*** empire of social goodness. Black-owned, female-led, all-inclusive community. Join the 🎉 online during Awesome.

I’ve worked with a smattering of online publishing platforms in the past, and though all have dressy mission statements, often the agenda is driven by clicks and relevancy, leaving authenticity and connection on a secondary tier.  It’s something that has always confused me about online publications – why publish pithy pitches (say that five times fast!) just for the sake of publishing?  What is the lasting effect?

I did not get a flighty impression from Dream on Youth as an institution, and wanted to learn more. I reached out to the “boss lady”, Cydney;  you can read my interview with her here. However, right now, I want to introduce you to the interns of Dream on Youth – all of whom possess ideologies rooted in the belief that while one person has the power to make a difference in someone’s life, it is together great waves of change are made.

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spotlight series: an interview with scribbles by nicole, semi-anonymous illustrator/cartoonist

I’ve written pretty extensively on this idea that I have a primal need to be creative, and if I’m not, I feel a little lost.  It’s in the foundation of my being.  As I write this, I’ve got two other pieces open on my computer and a list of projects I would like to start working on that grows each day.  I want the things I create to mean something: to have substance (be it serious or more light-hearted) and inspire people to think.

This is exactly what I find in Scribbles by Nicole‘s work.  Her drawings strike me: they’re introspective and silly and emotional and light. She has the ability to reveal so much about herself and the way she sees the world while still remaining a private person.  I’m so excited to have gotten the chance to talk to her about her craft, balancing being a creative with corporate work, and what her future looks like.  Read on to find out!

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happy first birthday, the lipliner!

You read that correctly! Mary and I have been clogging your newsfeed with our ramblings for one whole year! (Minus the brief hiatus, but who doesn’t love a good comeback story?)

We started this blog right after I had graduated college; we were balancing odd jobs but knew that writing was always going to be an important part of each our lives, whether it be professional or personal, or the winning combination of the two.   This platform was created as a means to ensure the continuation in practicing our writing skills.

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reflections on life after college: one year post-grad

As I watched people celebrate their graduations this past month, I couldn’t help but to wonder if they felt the same way I did when I walked across the stage to receive my degree one year ago. Were they apprehensive to leave the academic world, as it was a constant they were surrounded by for the majority of their lives? Were they feeling discouraged, having not figured out a degree-related full-time employment situation prior to this day?  Were they feeling hungry and thinking only of the dinner reservations that awaited them? (…Just me?)

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