october is domestic violence awareness month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is dedicated to shedding light on domestic violence as a human rights issue, as well as on the various forms it can take and how to seek help when in such a relationship.

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happy first birthday, the lipliner!

You read that correctly! Mary and I have been clogging your newsfeed with our ramblings for one whole year! (Minus the brief hiatus, but who doesn’t love a good comeback story?)

We started this blog right after I had graduated college; we were balancing odd jobs but knew that writing was always going to be an important part of each our lives, whether it be professional or personal, or the winning combination of the two.   This platform was created as a means to ensure the continuation in practicing our writing skills.

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reflections on life after college: one year post-grad

As I watched people celebrate their graduations this past month, I couldn’t help but to wonder if they felt the same way I did when I walked across the stage to receive my degree one year ago. Were they apprehensive to leave the academic world, as it was a constant they were surrounded by for the majority of their lives? Were they feeling discouraged, having not figured out a degree-related full-time employment situation prior to this day?  Were they feeling hungry and thinking only of the dinner reservations that awaited them? (…Just me?)

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty

When I told my sister I was getting headshots, she assumed I meant modeling and was (appropriately) confused. I quickly assured her I meant headshots for my professional profiles, as I am still a fledgling in terms of my career. Not that I’d mind being paid to dress up and look nice, but that’s not in the cards. I’ll provide a few examples as to why, below. Continue reading

spotlight series: luisa matalucci photography


photo c/o Luisa Matalucci.

When I entered high school, I distinctly remember my Facebook newsfeed being filled with pictures of my brother and his friends every day.  An album for each day, in fact.  The girl responsible for all the shots was none other than Luisa Wall (née Matalucci).  It was hard to tell where Luisa’s hand ended and her camera began.

And now, years later, it still rings true.   She’s made a business for herself: Luisa Matalucci Photography, LLC in her hometown of Goshen, New York.  I’m inspired by Luisa for many reasons, not only because it’s an incredible feat to have a thriving  business in such a small town, but because it’s not always that you can have a successful career in the thing you are the most passionate about, especially when it’s in a creative field.

Recently I got to chat with Luisa about her creative process. Read on to get to know the girl behind the camera!

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rip vine

Maybe you’ve heard and maybe you’ve haven’t*, but this week, it was announced that video-sharing service Vine will discontinue their mobile app.  Users will be able to access their accounts to download their videos, and vines can still be watched on the company’s website, as to not completely obliterate all that users had cultivated when using the micro-video application.

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