summer reads

Yesterday on Instagram (shameless LipLiner plug, oh well), I asked our followers to tell me the title of the best book they’ve read in the past year so I can keep my eye out for new picks to add to my “To Read” list. To show that I not only walk to walk, but ~talk the talk~ too, I’ve decided to detail the books I’ve read this summer thus far in hopes that maybe one of these will make it onto your own reading list!

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learn by doing


don’t I look collegiate? feat. friends

As I’ve mentioned previously and am not shy about mentioning over and over: I am not an academic. I hated going to class and I wasn’t particularly good at learning outside of school, either. That’s not to say I don’t like learning, period, but rather that my learning style matches my behavior in all other areas of life. “Neurotic” isn’t a word most people want to be called, but I won’t pussy foot, here. Much like my brain is often off on upwards of ten tangents, that I only barely keep straight through excessive use of lists and post-its, the way in which I learn has followed suit.

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here’s a cliché post about being your best self

I hated high school. Not in the normal way people hate high school, when they can’t stand waking up early and the food sucks. I was emotionally, physically, and mentally crushed by my high school. I attended a college prep school forty-five minutes from my house. Most of the kids who went there had been going since they were three, and the other new ninth graders were from the area and had already seemed to forge connections before the year started. 

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