a revisit with a modest marvel

In an effort to make my online presence as a writer a bit more cohesive, I will be taking pieces of mine published on various platforms and adding them to my LipLiner portfolio.  Next up is a piece originally published for CollegeFashionista in February 2016 — “STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Modest Marvel”.  Enjoy!  

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on my beauty radar: ANC nails

I work in a restaurant and am always very conscious of the way my hands look because my job requires me to be in front of people almost exclusively.  On top of that, I think that my nails being done makes it look like my life is coming together seamlessly, and maybe through this perception, I can will it to life.

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my new year’s resolution


Last week, I gave you a homework assignment. Here it is, in case you missed it. I wanted us all to take a moment to step back from the negatives, which are so tempting to dwell on, and look at the positives in the past year. Now that it’s officially 2017, it’s time to look forward, at our goals, ambitions, and dreams. It all sounds silly, but, really, ya gotta start somewhere.

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty

When I told my sister I was getting headshots, she assumed I meant modeling and was (appropriately) confused. I quickly assured her I meant headshots for my professional profiles, as I am still a fledgling in terms of my career. Not that I’d mind being paid to dress up and look nice, but that’s not in the cards. I’ll provide a few examples as to why, below. Continue reading

building your minimalist wardrobe

“Form follows function” is something that I apply to nearly all aspects of my life, especially my wardrobe. This hasn’t always been the case, but I’ve found that if I only purchase a few items that serve me well, it becomes much easier and more enjoyable to get dressed in the morning. In dating terms, my wardrobe and I are now in it for the long haul. Here are a few tips for you to build the minimalist wardrobe of your dreams!

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baby, it’s cold outside

Now that Halloween is over, department stores and Starbucks across the country will promptly skip Thanksgiving and the rest of fall in favor of Christmas trees and gingerbread lattes. Considering how cold it is in the morning (hello, frost), you almost can’t fault their seasonal amnesia. I’ll follow suit, but I won’t be wearing a Santa hat just yet.

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