year in review


2016 has been the butt of everyone’s joke. It’s been a bad year, what with the violence, the creepy clowns, and the untimely deaths of influential people. All the same, I think it’s worth it to look at your own 2016, media hubbub and Twitter rants aside, and pick out the good parts, no matter how many or few. I’ll do my best to provide some food for thought (not actual food, unfortunately).

Create a list of positives.

It’s easy to focus on the negatives. Self-deprecating humor via meme is all the rage. Instead, I challenge you to focus on the positives, without letting in the negatives. A ten minute reflection on your past year may seem daunting but, if you truly wish to grow as a person, it’s probably necessary. I encourage you to dig deep, grasp at straws if you have to, but find 16 positive things that happened this year. Did you lose weight? Lose a shitty ex? Get a cool new lipstick for Christmas? It may seem daunting, or strange, to sit and pat yourself on the shoulder. Believe me, it’s good for the soul.

Create a list of goals.

This may be more daunting. I want you to sit down and write 17 (do you see my theme?) positive changes you want to make in the new year. They can build upon positive things from this past year, be something completely new, whatever. Create a list of positive goals for yourself and the people around you. Don’t be afraid to let a few conventionally selfish dreams slip in. Want to save up for a $1,000 bag? Put it on the list. Want to personally organize a protest for something you believe in? Put that on there, too. Once you think about it, you get the ball rolling. Nothing is immediate. Things take work; writing them down is just the first step.

Be patient.

I struggle with this. It’s difficult, in today’s world, especially, to be patient and work toward a goal. An unfortunate truth is that things take time. If you want to lose that extra five pounds, they aren’t going to disappear after two days at the gym. Your bank account won’t overflow after one paycheck. The world won’t be a better place after sharing one Facebook post. When you get frustrated, instead of giving up, step back and take a deep breath. Literally. Get your butt out of your chair, step back, and breathe. Wherever you are now, you’re further ahead than you were before you made that first list.

What are your goals?

Here are mine, for some inspo:

  1. Get fit.
  2. Find an apartment.
  3. Pay off more debt.
  4. Be patient.
  5. Be happy.

Until next year.


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