for everything there is a season

Despite what the thermometer says and despite the lack of feeling in your toes, tomorrow is the first day of winter. December 21st is the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year. So, if you were planning on spending the day sunning, don’t get your hopes up.

According to tradition (my sources were Celtic) the winter solstice signals the return of the sun and, with it, life and warmth and all that good stuff. It may be hard to believe, looking at that thermometer I mentioned, but with the winter truly is the sun. The days will slowly but surely get longer until we reach the spring equinox and earth’s rebirth. This is all, of course, North Hemisphere-normative but, like I said, my sources were Celtic.

Myth and lore aside, with the end of the year comes talk of positive change. The stereotypical New Year’s resolution is a gym membership that gets dusty after 2 weeks. Don’t let this get you down, even if you are one of those people. In that case, might I suggest picking a resolution to which you actually want to adhere? Resolutions have something of a bad rep, but I think it’s about time to change that. What about the rest of the year? cry the naysayers. What makes January 1st any different from June 8th or March 3rd? That’s fair, I suppose, but something about that fresh number on the calendar gets your brain tingling with new ideas.

I propose, however, we make like the Celtics and get this rebirth started on December 21st. What sun is beginning to shine in your life? If you can’t fine it, don’t worry: it will rise whether you want it to or not.


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