I feel pretty, oh so pretty

When I told my sister I was getting headshots, she assumed I meant modeling and was (appropriately) confused. I quickly assured her I meant headshots for my professional profiles, as I am still a fledgling in terms of my career. Not that I’d mind being paid to dress up and look nice, but that’s not in the cards. I’ll provide a few examples as to why, below.

Professional headshots are often offered for free by university career centers and your friends that are trying to get into photography. I missed the opportunity at school, possibly because I graduated early but probably because I ignored Binghamton’s emails. My current headshot is from my brother’s wedding, two years and one drastic haircut ago. It’s also a selfie, which is a big no-no, but the lighting was great.

ily, fake eyelashes

I use it for my LinkedIn and Gmail and, though I haven’t had any raving reviews, I haven’t had any negative, either. Not that I expect a potential employer to deny me based on my poor photog skills, but still. A nice headshot is a way to tell people, before meeting them, look at me, I shower. So, this weekend, provided the weather behaves (I already had to reschedule once, thanks, snow) I’ll be putting my face on and smiling for the camera. Read up on my wonderful photographer in Bridget’s spotlight post on Luisa Wall here.

theve, pc: luisa

Keep an eye on my LinkedIn for the results.


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