friendly reminder to get giving

When it comes to Christmas shopping (and probably shopping for every other holiday, too), there are two kinds of people: the finished-before-the-turkey-gets-cold type and the shops-on-Christmas-Eve type. This applies to many aspects of life. We procrastinators will wait until the eleventh hour on every possible task. If you’re the Black Friday shop ’til you drop person, I commend your spirit. If you’re not, here are my go-to sites:


The holy grail of online shopping. The deadline for standard shipping is December 19th, if you want what you’re buying to be delivered in time for Christmas. Amazon is also great because it’s one of those companies that tracks its users every move. Big brother aside, use Amazon’s aggressive marketing to your benefit. Suggestions for brothers that like Vineyard Vines? You got it. Sister-in-law with a baby on the way? Too easy.


If you’d rather not kneel to the consumerist god, or you have a friend that’s crazy about handwritten mugs, off to Etsy you go. Etsy is fairly big and, I suspect, employs similar algorithms when it comes to promoting what’s hot. Shipping is iffy, though, so make sure you’re on top of whether or not what you’re ordering arrives on time. Hand made items take time and care, so get off your butt and start looking.


Presents for geeks, galore. And I mean that in a loving way. Most of the products on this site have no true value (unless you really need mustache shaped ice cubes), but are just cool. Admittedly I haven’t checked myself yet, but the site used to sell the cutest plush diseases. I think cells, as well. Now, tell me, what says “Merry Christmas” quite like giving someone a plush rhinovirus?

Were these suggestions obvious? Yes. Did they motivate you to pick out something nice for your mom? I hope so.

Happy holidays!


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