the other girl in Gilmore girls

Spoilers ahead. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Gilmore Girls made its grand return to the small screen this holiday weekend and plenty of people had plenty to say about it. A quick rundown: A Year in the Life takes place present day, so about nine years after the show originally ended. That makes Lorelai almost 50 and Rory at the apparently tumultuous age of 32. Gilmore Girls had always focused on the relationship between mother/daughter duo Lorelai and Rory, but this time around we got a closer look at the relationship between Lorelai and her own mother, Emily, following the death of Lorelai’s father, Richard (which I bawled over approximately five times).

I could go on about Lorelai and Rory or Lorelai and Emily forever. Instead, I’ll turn toward another girl that doesn’t get the same amount of attention: April.

Honestly, her presence in the original series did not leave much of an impression on my memory. She’s Luke’s secret daughter that everyone hated for destroying his relationship with Lorelai, even though, if you ask me, I’d say Luke is at fault for that one. In any case, April, like half of the original cast, made a five minute guest appearance just so we could all be assured that, yes, she still exists.

Maybe it’s because April, like myself, is the unpleasant age of 22, but I wasn’t annoyed by her presence in the revival. I was annoyed by Rory the entire time, however, including her wasted interaction with her kind-of-not-really step-sister. I understand that the two of them vary in age and that they likely don’t see each other much. Again, it’s probably because I’m April’s age, but I’d have liked to have seen Rory provide better guidance to her younger counterpart than “I’ll teach you how to stress tap dance.”

Okay, I get that Rory doesn’t have it figured out, either. I just don’t understand why she doesn’t (other than the fact that the revival wouldn’t have had a plot). Her character was always studious, a hard worker, and nothing short of obsessive in achieving her goals. Where did that drive go?

When April, another incredibly bright student, turns to her for advice, Rory flops. Much like her journalism career.


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