lipliner guide to thanksgiving cocktails

The holidays can be stressful. To help ease some of that stress, I’ve curated a special list of adult beverages. Pay attention; the recipes are pretty complicated.

We start Thanksgiving dinner with a sweet red to pair with the appetizers your family tells you not to “fill up on” even though everyone knows you’re going to do it anyway because you have no self control. But, hey, isn’t that what this holiday is all about?

Bonus: find a wine with a sparkly label and assure your extended family that you’re only drinking straight from the bottle because it’s festive.

Once you’ve eaten every appetizer in sight, you’ll need a drink with an extra kick to fight off the impending wine nap. Combine cinnamon whisky and hard cider for a cocktail even your drunk ass has no problem making.

Bonus: make as many relatives as uncomfortable as possible by telling them you’re drinking Angry Balls whenever they so much as glance in your direction.

This is dessert, duh.

Bonus: it’s literally just ice and horchata.

Happy drinking! I mean, Thanksgiving.


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