rip vine

Maybe you’ve heard and maybe you’ve haven’t*, but this week, it was announced that video-sharing service Vine will discontinue their mobile app.  Users will be able to access their accounts to download their videos, and vines can still be watched on the company’s website, as to not completely obliterate all that users had cultivated when using the micro-video application.

Multiple reports attribute Vine’s declination to the multi-faceted nature of competing social networking platforms including Snapchat and Instagram, especially when considering the fact that many of Vine’s top content-creators were utilizing various platforms to create and share.

As this company begins to close up shop after a mostly successful almost four-year run, I am inclined to reflect on my own personal history and user habits when it comes to the app.  Though I never developed a penchant for creating clever, high-quality videos (mine are literally just me panning over whatever’s in front of my face and saying the word “vine” until the six seconds are up…seriously…keeping reading for a peak at them), I was always impressed by the people who were consistently posting, creating, and making a living off of such a small window of time.

In honor of the service’s shut-down, I have decided to share with you all some of my favorite vines–famous, high-quality, and otherwise, because Vine did just that: offered a creative space where it didn’t matter if you were the funniest or the most creative, so long as you were still creating.

So here’s a “Vine” vine of my own: (Note: I don’t really consider this the pinnacle of the platform’s creation)…


…and one that tickles me pink…


…and one to commemorate weird and wry humor I love and found a lot of on Vine…


…and a few of my favorite celebs on Vine…


…and a couple of really great visual creations…


Any who, thanks for the memories, Vine.

*Though unlikely, it truly it tickles me pink to think that the first time someone hears this news is through my site.


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