to casual Gilmore fangirls

In case you missed it, Gilmore Girls is making its grand return on Netflix this fall. The mini series is titled “A Year in the Life” and promises to show us exactly that: four seasons of the Gilmores in convenient, seasonally themed packages.

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If you happen to follow any blogs geared toward young women and their obsessions, the series has been all over your news feed. Today in particular, since the first full length trailer was released in preparation for November 25th. I watched it, as any mobile Facebook user does, with subtitles. I didn’t get the full experience but, I must admit, I finally got excited for it.

I’m not the frothing at the mouth fangirl type, ready to chew your eyes off about every possible plot twist and will they/won’t they hubbub the show has attracted. Before the trailer, Netflix released teasers and photos and other publicity mumbo-jumbo and super fans spent an impressively long amount of time on each frame, searching for clues about Lorelai and Rory’s respective (love) lives. To each their own, of course, but I would like to dedicate this post to Gilmore Girls fans like myself: we carry a casual interest in a show we originally watched as babes, probably because we thought Dean or Jess or Logan was hot. I enjoyed Lorelai’s fast-spoken witicisms as much as the next Girl, but I’ve approached the new series with nothing short of purposeful disinterest, lest I attract the sharp, argumentative gaze of an Internet troll. Can’t I watch a TV show without all the aforementioned hubbub?

As of watching the trailer, Emily Gilmore’s character has intrigued me the most. A lot of the press has wondered about Luke&Lorelai and Rory&WhoKnows. The trailer shows Emily Gilmore, for once, in a state of flux, as she learns to cope with the loss of her husband. Though I’m closer in age to Rory, Emily is the Gilmore girl I’m curious about this time around. I’d be lying if “Half of me is gone” didn’t hit me right in the chest. In my mind, Emily was always the villainesque, rich harpy, so seeing the human side of her is both new and fascinating.

Come November 25th, I won’t be binge watching the new series. That doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it, though.


P.S. Jared Padalecki still looks bangin’.

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