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I’m having one of those days (also known as Tuesdays and Thursdays) that I have all of zero ideas about what to post. It’s not writers’ block, exactly, but rather that I have so many things I could possibly complain about I’m not sure which to pick. So, I’m going to write about The LipLiner.

This little pet project of mine and Bridget’s has been puttering along for a few months now. We’ve cut back on our posts (honestly, I kept forgetting to post on Saturdays) and have seen a trickle of contributors. We aren’t looking to win any prizes or end up on the home page of Buzzfeed, so things are all right. But, dang, would we like more contributors. If you’re reading this, aren’t you sick of hearing me complain? Maybe my rainy-day outlook on life inspires you to get out there and have a good day, despite everyone in the world and on Twitter telling you not to. In a country where presidential debates have more drama than your average reality TV show, there’s nothing wrong with trying to be positive. Or, if you’re like me, airing your dirty laundry on the internet because it’s cathartic.

I suspect that’s another thing that has potential contributors hesitating. Some things are either too personal to write about so, unless you’re a full time activist, you’d rather keep your toes dry. I get that, definitely. There are topics I would love to touch, be they personal, political, social, or what have you, but I find myself hesitating and writing about wine, instead.

c/o simon & schuster

Here’s a controversial subject: Amy Schumer. I suspect as many people hate her as love her (example, the 200 people in Tampa that walked out of her show). I consider myself relatively ambivalent, as I’m not such a fan of stand-up comedy. I do respect, however, her place as a woman in an industry dominated by men and full of fans quick to say “Women aren’t funny.” First things first, I’m hilarious. Second, regardless of her comedic skill, her book of essays caught my attention. The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is not a piece of literature. Schumer’s essays are valuable not for their quality nor the name of the woman who wrote them. The experiences she shares, however, were invaluable to me, a 22 year old, bumbling, young woman. They come from a place of experience, both in life and as a career driven female. Some of the stories are painful to read, whether because of illness, family trouble, or abuse, but I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t personally relate to a lot of the essays, but I definitely could feel the embarrassment of an early morning booty call gone wrong.

In any case, I’m not her publicist. And whether you love her or hate her, she doesn’t give a shit. Which is something I aspire to, even if my LipLiner posts aren’t as raunchy as her stand-up sets.


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