amateur wino

I have a history of injuring myself, with or without alcohol involved. Of course, a BAC of questionable levels greatly contributes to my chances of smashing my face into a sidewalk (literally. Where were my hands? Why am I such a mess?). Despite my track record, I came out of a wine tour unscathed.

When given the opportunity to try and then buy and then drink copious amounts of wine with 45 people you may or may not have some kind of connection with, you say yes. The only other wine tour I’d been on was my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party and it was just six of us. It was a good time, we went in a limo and listened to too much Taylor Swift. This weekend had significantly less Taylor, for which I am grateful, though what seemed like a heck of a lot more wine. More wine to go with more people? Maybe. In any case, I recommend.

My one issue with wine tastings is that you have to taste different kinds of wine. How silly is that? I suppose the issue was the 45 people in our group. At the other wine tasting I’d been to, we were given a list of wines and could pick and choose. This time was more of a take-it-or-leave-it arrangement. I may be only 22, but I know what kinds of wine I like. The answer is: dry and bitter, like me. But, this was more of a social activity, so I was content to knock back the tastings and buy bottles of what I liked to drink in between. Which is what we all did, obviously.

And then we took a five hour nap.


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