where and how you can get free coffee on national coffee day

I’m not sure if I drink coffee more habitually or because I truly believe it gives me the strength I need to cross every item off my to-do list each day, but whatever the case, I love having an iced French Vanilla in my hand and caffeine pumping through my bod…unless they’re giving my decaf…honestly I can’t distinguish between the two.

So tomorrow, September 29 is National Coffee Day. (Who comes up with these holidays, I really don’t know, but if it means I can get discounted goodies, I’m down.)

As with any holiday, one should be prepared.  New Years: catch me with gum and mouthwash at the ready. Halloween: when did getting a costume last minute really benefit anyone? Thanksgiving: make sure you defrost the turkey and give yourself enough time to cook it because those bad boys take forever.  Christmas: consider Jingle All The Way a cautionary tale.

Continue to read what I’ll call  your official guide on how to make the most out of National Coffee Day:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts: This chain is celebrating two-fold and using NCD to promote their 66th Anniversary.  (Should we call that the ground bean anniversary?)  Customers can get a medium hot beverage for only- you guessed it- 66 cents!
  • Krispy Kreme: Through tomorrow, customers can receive a free small coffee and free original glazed donut…like we’d want any different, right?
  • Keurig: Now through October 02, receive 15% off most of their boxes of pods when ordering online.
  • Starbucks: For each Mexico Chiapas coffee sold at participating stores during NCD, Starbucks will donate one rust-resistant coffee tree to assist farmers in Latin America.  (To help you justify your coffee spending habits for even a day.)

Like anything else, these offers are going to be available at participating stores only, yadda yadda yadda, so please don’t come at The LipLiner if this post led you astray.

Stay sippin, my friends.



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