someday my prince will come

Social interactions of any kind are not my strong suit. Regardless, I go on existing in this world, supposing I have “enough” friends (though nowhere near as many as Bridget). Social media, scourge of many, is one way I can pretend I interacted with people, rather than simply existed as a slug on any given weekend. Yes, liking someone’s photo on Instagram (for example, The LipLiner’s) is not on the same level as getting coffee with a friend but it is, due to busy schedules and general disorganization, a lot easier. For that reason, I have, along with many others, re-joined the mess that is Tinder, just for a poke around.

Tinder, in case you live under a rock, is one of several dating apps that the yung and reckless use to meet other yung and reckless. I tried Coffee Meets Bagel for about a week, but was not a fan of the weight placed on picking my daily bagel, nor the use of “beans” as dating currency. If I wanted to pay to find a legitimate partner, I’d be on eHarmony. So that was a no.

OKCupid scares me.

I actually do like Bumble and should probably use the BFF feature to shamelessly promote this website. I don’t currently have it on my phone, but, since I’m connected to Panera’s free wifi this very second, I’ll take the plunge once more.

But, of course, Tinder; the straight girl’s white whale. I’m not sure if Gen Z even uses it, but that’s fine because I don’t want to cavort with minors. The meaning of Tinder, however, seems to still be lost even to its users. Is it for hook ups? Casual sex? Relationships? Depends who you ask. Personally, I’m attempting to exorcise my bias against online dating. It’s way up there when it comes to meeting people, so I may as well embrace it (especially since, as I mentioned, I’m fairly socially inept). Let’s just say I’m practicing my pickup lines.

Every other week yet another article about “millennial dating” circulates on the Web. It seems to be something of a perplexing topic to most people, though why most people care is beyond me. I suppose it’s tough to market wedding rings to an age group that (supposedly) doesn’t want to get married. And yeah, I could see why dating apps would make people think that way. Or, you know, it could be natural changes in societal values as time progresses and people live longer and start to realize they maybe don’t want to be legally bound to the same person for 50 years. Or maybe they do. All I know is, Tinder won’t affect my decision on the matter.

Though I must admit, it’s not going well, so far.

Disclaimer: someone said that to me, not the other way around (I know the difference between verbs and nouns, thank you).


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