boho betty usa: a review

Recently I was contacted by Boho Betty USA, an online jewelry company asking if I was interested in partnering with them to promote their jewelry on my social media platforms.

After finally ordering/receiving/and trying out a piece from the site, I now feel comfortable signing off on the idea of recommending this store as fuel for people’s online shopping addictions.

The company was originally launched in the UK and Asia and was brought to the United States in 2012, with a mission statement proclaiming that the company garners inspiration for designs from all across the globe “based on our incurable wanderlust.”

When navigating the site, customers are able to shop by style to help individualize and customize their shopping experience.  Categories include: bohemian, casual charm, classic, edgy, glamorous, yoga chic, and stackable, and bracelets range from $20-$80, depending on the intricacies.


first in the stack: “Misty Bliss Double Wrap Bracelet” / $22

For my first purchase, I chose a simple gray double wrap bracelet.  The site was easy to navigate and checking out was quite simple.  My bracelet was shipped the same day (did I mention free shipping on all orders– NO minimums?!) and had arrived after 5 business days, packaged securely.

The leather the bracelet is made out of is tight and durable, with no signs of pull or tearing, despite the fact that I do not take my bracelets off when I shower, work, or sleep.  The silver orbs, additionally, show no sign of wear and tear.

I love the products this company sells, as well as the carefree and positive mission statement that accompanies the brand, and look forward to refreshing the page to see what else they’ve got in stock.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of your own jewelry, check out their site, and consider using my code “BIRDMAN”(a nickname that has a story, but is not wordy enough to dedicate a post to) for 20% off your purchase!


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