how to be productive

Make a list. I’m not sure if I’m good at making lists or I just make so many I have no choice but to assume I’ve developed some kind of skill. My last post was a list, actually. And many before that. Living in the age of BuzzFeed, lists are impossible to avoid. In the spirit, here’s my latest:

Things I Could Have Done on Saturday Instead of Sleeping Until 2pm

  1. Written this post. Or the next. Or the next.
  2. Washed my hair.
  3. Eaten breakfast.
  4. Day drank.
  5. Gone to yoga, twice.
  6. Read.
  7. Written the next great American novel.
  8. Or, at the very least, worked on my short stories.
  9. Worked on the website for those short stories.
  10. A lot of working, basically.
  11. Alternatively, gone on an adventure.
  12. Transformed into a potato and watched Netflix (I’m finally watching Salem).
  13. Played with my chinchilla. She sulks, otherwise.
  14. Meditated. I don’t know.
  15. Literally anything because why did I sleep so late?


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