it’s that time of year…

I’m a cleaner. When I clean it is an all encompassing, day-if-not-weekend long marathon of activity; so much so I have to sit myself down and plan when to clean what, so that I don’t lose what’s left of my mind. With the change of the season, I challenge myself and whomever may read this to do exactly that: it’s fall cleaning time.

Spring cleaning is a thing, yes, but in the consumer culture we live in, how can any of us get by only clearing out our closets and junk once a year? Maybe it’s because I don’t own a house to pile up all my stuff in. A perfect example of this is my grandmother’s house, where I currently live. There is, for lack of a better word, stuff piled up everywhere. It’s all my grandmother’s, of course, and if you so much as try to move any of it she immediately gets defensive. As a result, there is all this stuff in “my” room that I am literally living on top of and it’s time to make sense of whatever is mine without going crazy about what’s not.

Enter: fall cleaning. I like to clean seasonally. It’s a quarterly purge. Clothes are the easiest. Space for them is also at a premium, because I don’t have a closet. There are approximately six closets in my house and not one is mine.

Without further ado, here is my official fall cleaning to-do list (which may or may not be complimented by a PSL or five):

1. Clothes

I’ve come up with a clever contraption of hangars to sort out my blouses. I have to scan the rest of the house for any wayward items that may have been lost between one college moving session or another and eliminate them. PSA: Please donate your clothes to a reputable facility, don’t just throw them out. Or, if you’re particularly adventurous, sell them.

2. Media

I moved out of my adolescent home a couple years ago and as a result a lot of my junk was lost in translation/piled up on top of other junk. Media includes but is not limited to: all 8 seasons of Charmed, an assortment of YA fantasy novels, and a large, plush yellow Labrador from Toys R’ Us. The books will likely be donated. Charmed will be sanctified. The lab will probably end up on my bed.

3. Documents

Various documents of mine have accumulated in my dresser drawers and elsewhere that should be either destroyed or stored properly. I’m not entirely sure what to do with these things, but something tells me keeping my Social Security card with my Ultamate Rewards card is not recommended by the United States government.

Admittedly, this is more ambitious than my usual cleaning/organization efforts. It all stems from the sense that my life is a mess and I need to get it under control somehow. Cleaning needs to be done, and I find it easier than working out 5 times a week.


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