happy birthday 2 u

Today’s my nephew’s 2nd birthday, so I only find it fitting to do a post about all he’s taught me these past 24 months.

I was away (either at school or abroad) for at least half the time; bear with me. These lessons are nothing groundbreaking to a seasoned mother, but to the 22 year old OG baby in the family with no childcare experience whatsoever, my nephew and I shared (and will share) plenty of milestones.

The first should be obvious:

  1. I changed a diaper for the first time and can count on one hand how many I’ve changed since then. It’s not a skill I care to perfect.
  2. I’ve learned how many things in my house can be dangerous (read: all of them).
  3. Basic developmental timelines. That, like, squishy babies are fresh out of the oven but once they hit a certain age they’re a toddler, I guess? Whenever it is that they start toddling and are even more likely to injure themselves. Clearly, I didn’t learn much about this timeline. I just didn’t realize how young little babies are.
  4. Kids pick up on social cues quickly. I’m sure this is an evolutionary thing, but it’s still pretty impressive how on point my nephew can be about what makes Nana laugh versus what Aunt Mary won’t allow.
  5. Kids TV shows are terrifying. My favorite is Wallykazam.

    This is, clearly, a brief list. Additionally, there are a couple things I’d like to teach my nephew:

    1. The value of sleep. He’s allowed to nap multiple times a day and go to bed early, yet never wants to!
    2. The value of food. He, also, never wants to sit down and eat (that I’ve seen). Food is amazing, kid.

    But, he does love pickles, which I respect. HBD, I hope you find this on the Internet in 20 years.


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