literally photos of dogs sleeping

I am not feeling my best on this beautiful August Saturday. Not because, as followers of my Snapchat would guess, I went out last night, but because I’ve got a tummy ache. Nothing too serious, but one of those tummy aches that make you want to curl up in a plush blanket and snooze the day away.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to (as so often happens). Instead, I’ve chosen to dream vicariously through some pups.

Look at this dog in a blanket, all snuggled up and cozy. Are you jealous? I am.

And this elder pup, snoozing alongside a playmate. With age comes wisdom and that wisdom is how to nap.

This is exactly how I feel, rn.

Also this. That mushy faced, sleepy eyed, lump of fur feeling, only not as cute.

This dog is sleeping and ready for fall. A true inspiration.


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