friends, lend me your ears/eyes

Prepare yourselves for a shameless post of self promotion. Not that this website isn’t one giant work of self promotion, on everyone’s part; serving as a means to get our thoughts and ideas out there. I don’t necessarily think my ramblings about wine or books will reach the farthest corners of the web (and that’s okay), but, nonetheless, three times a week I share thoughts on a public forum. Call me Marc Antony.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, during my time in Central America I kept a blog of my travels at yet another travel blog. It served as both documentation of my trip and a creative outlet, and I’m glad for the trove of posts I’ll be able to look back on.


this is exactly how it looks when I write

Somewhat related, I’ve decided to work at being more active on the WWW. As one could guess by the existence of this site, I fancy myself a writer. In the loosest sense, obviously (to quote my creative writing professor that probably stole this from someone else, “Do you write? Okay, you’re a writer.”). In any case, my finger tips are hitting the keyboard and writing bits and pieces of my own volition. You should try it, if you haven’t.

A result of working on this site but mostly from perusing other websites at work on books, promotion, publishing, and the like, I’ve been inspired to once again get my creative juices flowing. I always have plenty of ideas to write about, as most do, it’s just a matter of sitting down and actually doing it. I struggle enough with these posts each week, wondering all day what to write about until I sit down on the train and get to it. In any case, this post serves as my official proclamation: I’m a writer and I’m going to write.

Also like this

Back to my blog. Once I’ve got the time (so, not soon), I plan to convert it into a personal blog that will still compile my travel posts from the past, in addition to new posts on travel, and my fiction and nonfiction writing. I can’t promise it’ll be any good. I still think people should give it a peek. I’m not necessarily writing it for anyone, I just suppose I’ll share it on the Internet, anyway. What’s the fun in writing if no one reads it?

Aside from various successful authors who’ve made arguments for the opposite, I’m inclined to think there’s no fun. Or, at least, no risk. Similar to standing naked in the middle of a crowded room, writing puts you on display. So, I’m going to put on a show.

For free, because I’m a cheap date.


P.S. Keep yours eye peeled over at

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2 thoughts on “friends, lend me your ears/eyes

  1. Chris Looram says:

    I love your writing. It’s like pieces of candy that enter my head through my eyes. Once in my brain, the sweetness, or sourness, depending on how you flavored it flows over my mind’s taste buds. Very tasty!

    Liked by 1 person

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