beauty beauty beauty rockin’ everywhere

I’m not what one would call a beauty queen. I’ve never been the YouTube tutorial watching type and, honestly, I doubt it’d help me much. As I’m not the most makeup savvy, I tend to buy whatever catches my eye in the store based on impulse (you’re welcome, marketers).

In addition to looking for an eyebrow pencil and body wash, my weekend trip to Ulta led me down a black hole of Korean beauty products shaped like fruit and with instructions in broken English. Though I was tempted to buy the coffee facial scrub in a latte shaped pot, I ended up picking a bubbling sheet mask and “Changing Magic Foot Peeling Shoes” (yes, that sounds terrifying, I know).

The sheet mask did exactly what it said it would: bubble. I’ll let this photo speak for itself.

It tickled. After letting it bubble for ten minutes, I peeled it off, rubbed in the bubbles, and rinsed my face. My skin felt like a juicy peach after, but I don’t think it cleansed quite as deep as it claimed. It was fun to try, but I can’t say whether or not I’d buy again (plus, there’s so many other fun ones to try).

You had me at “changing magic foot peeling.” Plus, according to the back, this will “transform an average looking woman into an attractive lady.” Sold!

I had to wear them for an hour and a half and they smelled like nail polish remover. I’m supposed to give it 4-6 days, but I’m somewhat skeptical about my chances of becoming an attractive lady.

Oh well.


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