i don’t watch a lot of television

Or anything, for that matter. I proudly continue to use my mother’s Netflix account and had a Hulu account for about a week before guilting myself into deleting it because $7.99 a month is out of my budget. I’ve never been the type, however, that binge watches a series until my eyes bleed. I have a fairly short attention span and, at night, I’d rather sleep instead of catch up on Orange is the New Black. This isn’t meant to be a conceited I’m too good for television post, though. Rather, shower me with suggestions, please.

The last series’ I watched via the Internet were Hannibal and Penny Dreadful, both of which were cancelled after three seasons. My track record for picking shows is not great, clearly. As far as the actual television goes, the only voluntary show I’ve watched recently is The Bachelorette, partly because for my group of friends it’s become a social gathering (during which I get yelled at for talking). My grandmother, gatekeeper of the TV in my house, watches strictly CNN, Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune, QVC, and Lifetime movies. So, what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t watched anything quality lately.

A quick perusal of Netflix has led me to add a few picks to My List…


courtesy: Aniol at Wikimedia Commons

Salem: I’m a sucker for the Salem witch trials, and, really, any violent period of history (so, you know, every period). I watched the first season and will watch the second, though I suspect this show will go the route of Hannibal and Penny Dreadful, i.e. not be around much longer because it’s violent and has only a cult following. Whatever.

Stranger Things: I actually hadn’t heard of this new Netflix Original until someone recommended it on Snapchat, but my curiosity is piqued. I’m not clear on the plot, either, but the cinematography looks up my alley.

Marco Polo: See: violent periods of history. This also popped up as a recommendation for people that like Game of Thrones (one of many shows I should watch but haven’t. Oops.)

What I’m getting at is: all you ever see are people saying “You watch too much TV.” While I have no response to that one way or the other, I think I watch too little TV. In a world as cinematically advanced as this, and one in which we don’t have to wake up at dawn to milk the cows, why shouldn’t we watch TV? Not saying all of it is so spectacular, or educational, but I’d like a distraction from my stupid, make-believe problems, and what better way to do that than watch Jojo choose between four different men she’s known for three months, all in the hopes of an engagement ring?*

*I honestly still don’t know who is who.


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