cheap + local: the angry orchard

When you don’t want to spend (lots of) money but you want to still experience life and all its facets,  you’ve gotta get creative.

Yesterday a couple of friends and I took a drive to Walden, NY (only about 20 minutes from our hometown) to visit the actual Angry Orchard.

Not only is the orchard super easy to get to, but there’s lots of parking and easy-to-follow signage when navigating the grounds.  Upon entering, guests bring themselves on a self-guided tour where they are able to walk themselves through displays detailing not only the history of cider on a grand scheme, but what local brewing is like in Apple Belt of New York. (Fun fact: apparently Abraham Lincoln used to be a bartender and loved cider before picking up some other gig…).  The tour concludes with a brief walk through the Cider House, where  you can see a bunch of different ciders are fermenting all at once.  (Well, I mean you see the machines that they ferment in…close enough.).

Walking through the Cider House brings you to the gift shop, where there are t-shirts, bottle openers, and, of course, ciders available to purchase.  Guests over 21 are given a complementary flight and are able to sample three ciders available on draft, which alternate based upon availability.

There’s a huge outdoor space filled with picnic tables and umbrellas, hammocks, and outdoor games that visitors are able to utilize are they sample their drinks.

The entire space was friendly, informative, and inviting.  What more could you want in a day?


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