hedgehog appreciation post

she’s grumpy it’s not friday

It’s Thursday and, if you’re like me, you’re struggling to finish the week. As a reprieve from emails labeled urgent and gross coffee, here is a post dedicated to the majestic African pygmy hedgehog. Proudly featuring my little buddy, Thorn.

Don’t you wish you were curled up in your snuggle bag and snoozin’ the day away? I do. Thorn wakes up at the crack of 8pm, when she’s promptly fussed over and given snacks. If that’s not the life, I don’t know what is.

Seen here, trying to enjoy her evening mealworms with a camera in her face. Damn paparazzi, let a girl live. At the same time, though, I bet she sneaks pics of her dinner for Instagram when I’m not looking.

There’s something to be said about an animal that poses for photos in a bubble bath. But, can you blame her? I wish I could look that cute when I bathe (or ever).

She strategically plays coy, but this hog loves the grass underneath her paws. From Thorn and I, happy (almost) weekend.


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