write down your goals

courtesy: pixabay

Taking inspiration from LipLiner contributor, Suzanne, I decided to create a list of long term goals for myself.

  1. Pay off my debt. I’m hindered in many ways by my current financial state. To paraphrase Chase on last night’s The Bachelorette, I will feel a huge sigh of relief on the day my debt is down to $0. I’m not sure how one feels a sigh, but I assume it’s something like carrying a bag of bricks 500 miles and finally being able to put it down.
  2. Get fit. Body pos aside, I’m not a fan of the current shape my body is in (read: potato). Not even Pokémon Go is able to get me to exercise. I’m not talking anything major, but if I could trim off a few pounds and, also, not lose my breath walking up the stairs, I’ll be satisfied.
  3. Act natural. I don’t mean awkward social interactions (that’s next). I found a steady paycheck inside a climate-controlled office building in Manhattan, so my time to go outside and enjoy Mother Nature is limited. She and I are long overdue for a meetup.
  4. Be social. This goal is 22 years in the making, as I’m the opposite of a social butterfly and socializing is something I have to work at. In Nicaragua, it was impossible not to socialize while living with 10 other volunteers. Then, the opposite occurred in Panama City, where I spent every night holed up in my apartment watching Botched and drinking wine. I’m trying to find a healthy balance.
  5. Stress less. On any given day, I’m a misplaced comma away from a complete mental breakdown. This is not an exaggeration. A final, long-term goal for myself is to puzzle out my brain. This, as well, ties into my previous goal, as most of the time my trouble with socializing stems from my anxiety (which causes my depression, which causes my anxiety, so on and so forth). In between work and trying to exercise and trying to be appropriately social and a thousand other things, I’d like to find my sanity.

Rather than continuing to delve deep into my goals, wants, and desires, I encourage you to go and create a list of your own. Think about it. Short term? Long term? Types of ice cream you want to try?

And, hey, share it with us, if you feel so inclined.


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