mirror mirror on the wall

Since, last week, I discussed my struggles with business casual, this week I’m turning to another element of my new half-career: makeup. That’s vague, yes, I realize, but what I mean is, I started wearing nicer clothes but my face still looked rough.

Oh, Mary, don’t say that! You look fine!

Okay, is that out of your system? Good. Now, to makeup.

bathroom-1296554_960_720My relationship with it is, like most things in my life, dictated by my laziness. During college, I would rather have slept an extra half hour in the morning than worry about my appearance. But now, I’ve gotten tired of looking in the mirror and seeing how tired I look. While I was in Central America, I went makeup free because I’d have sweat it all off before I got to school in the morning. New York, try hard as it may, does not compare to the heat and grossness I dealt with in Nicaragua but, especially, Panama. Plus, it’s not like I didn’t know how messy I looked when I was there. If you go through my photos, you’ll notice an abundance of landscapes and a lack of selfies. I didn’t want evidence.

So, now that the most I sweat is on the walk to and from Penn Station, it’s time to start looking like a member of society. I say all of these things with a grain of salt, obviously, since if you don’t wear makeup and rock it, that’s a-ok by me. Personally, at least recently, I’ve become more conscious of how I want to look, and makeup is one way in which I will tackle that particularly difficult hurdle. That red-faced hurdle.

Buying makeup was similar to buying nice clothes in that I haven’t looked for any in forever. I went to CVS because I’m poor and am not calm enough to walk into Ulta or Sephora. Even so, I spent an hour trying to decide which BB Cream I wanted, which powder, which brand. How do people do this professionally? SOS.

So, stay tuned for my misadventures in makeup. I promise it will be entertaining, if not informative.


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