in memoriam: my first car


me, looking patriotic, circa 2011

Last week marked a big change in my life: my first car, a bright blue Nissan hatchback, was traded in. It had a good run, considering I was the one driving it and, though I think myself a good driver, I’m not great at keeping material objects in one piece. The ’08 Versa, purchased by my grandmother on my behalf in 2011, was all mine for those ensuing five years. I managed to put an exorbitant amount of miles on it, for a variety of reasons, people, and music festivals. I didn’t quite reach the 100k mark (I was about 5,000 shy), but now, I’m on to the next.

The hand-me-down Honda CR-V I’m now driving has a lot to “live” up to, including, but not limited, to…

  • driving to my personal hell every morning (aka high school)
  • then, driving to my first part-time job in the afternoon
  • navigating my old house’s driveway when we had five cars
  • that time I accidentally backed into the frame of my garage
  • driving the two hours to Binghamton from my hometown and vice versa, with various personal affects and animals in tow
  • gathering dust in a Binghamton city parking garage my freshman year of college
  • then parking at University Plaza, and then at Eaton Place; ah, memories
  • how ever many times I drove four hours to and from Long Island to my then-boyfriend’s house
  • during those trips: losing multiple hubcaps thanks to either the Cross Bronx or the LIE, I couldn’t tell you
  • one pull-over, zero tickets, thank you very much
  • okay, a couple parking tickets
  • lot of part-time jobs
  • also, RIP that mysterious ticking noise it had since the day I got it
  • and every time I turned on the A/C it smelled like a motel room
  • and I had to pry open the gas cover this past year, for some reason?

Okay, so maybe this next car doesn’t have to follow in my old cars tire-treads so much as improve upon them. Regardless, I’m a tad choked-up.

Beep beep.


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