i’d like to think everything happens for a reason

I entered SUNY New Paltz as a semi-bitter young girl, in the sense that I was disappointed that my parents could not afford to send me away to a school of my choosing, and therefore, in my eyes, depriving me of a “college experience.”

IMG_0461Ask me then and ask me now—I don’t know what college experience I was seeking so feverously. It was probably some vague imagination of an ideal life, based off of whatever my favorite movie was at the time. (When did Pitch Perfect come out? It was probably that.) True, I did not get to dorm at school. In retrospect, I’m thankful for the extra years I got to shower sans flip-flops. Nonetheless, during my time at New Paltz, I found my passion and I found teachers who believed in me and said passion individually and by name, not just as another student occupying space in a desk. I made friends—the good kind—the kind that you do not have to see every day to feel connected with, which is good because we didn’t. And they are some of the strongest, most supportive bonds I’ve got. I stayed home and waitressed five or six nights a week, saving money so that the summer before my senior year, I could go abroad and fall in love with beautiful landscapes and the words of Shakespeare more deeply. I made friends abroad that also went to New Paltz—people that have the ability to make me cry from laughing so hard before I’ve even fully woken up. I studied and read books that have made me more sensitive to the dynamic and ever-changing world around me. I worked hard and got internships that pushed me out of my comfort zone and (at times) drove me insane in the most rewarding way possible.

Upon entering SUNY New Paltz in 2012, I felt I was missing out on something…but now, even if I did, I’m so satisfied with my college career, I’m not sure if I would even want it.

Things have a funny way of working themselves out.


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