free labor


Unpaid internships are interesting, primarily because I think they are illegal in New York (the great state in which I am on my third unpaid internship*). It’s required they offer at least college credit, which is an impressive scam in itself. How, exactly, have businesses managed to get us to pay for professional experience?

In any case, it’s incredibly frustrating to live in a world in which not only a Bachelor’s degree isn’t enough, but neither is a Master’s. I’m currently helping my boss from my part-time job with compiling a memory book for her class reunion. The college she went to, at the time, was all-female. It is refreshing, considering the time in which she went to college, to read about a group of successful women. At the same time, it creates a sinking feeling in my gut. The road that these women, and many others like them, paved so that I might get a college education and have a career has reached, what feels like, a dead end. Things would be different if I went into a more lucrative industry, sure, but I continually remind myself that I’d rather be poor and in a field I actually care about than make six figures in an all-consuming, miserable job. Plus, no one deserves me as their doctor. Or nurse. Or any sort of trusting, nurturing figure.

And, had I gone to medical school, that’d be a cool $100,000 debt to add on top of everything else.

*Since I wrote this, I found a paid one. It’s not called pessimism, it’s called realism, people.


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