the day i tamed the beast (aka i got my hair done)

I am equally emotionally attached and apathetic to my hair. (If you read my introduction, you’ll notice I mentioned desiring to have gray hair, but I can personally attest to the fact that this will never, ever happen.)  I mean this in the sense that I will refuse to get a haircut / get something done to my hair for years and years, but will act upon a vague suggestion by a peer that goes something along the lines of “Hey, this would look good on you…”.

Right before graduation I had the overwhelming desire to do something different (but not too different) with my hair…deep down I was probably compensating for something. A coworker suggested I get a Brazilian Blowout, so I did.  Now, if you’re like myself and unaware of what this entails, (seriously didn’t truly comprehend what I was doing until I sat in the chair.  I’d like to believe it keeps the time interesting), let me explain the process: a Brazilian Blowout lessens the frizziness of a person’s hair while making it straighter. Processes like these work by binding protein to an outer layer of hair, which in turn helps to smooth, protect, and soften hair. Unlike a Brazilian Blowout, Keratin treatments (as it is often compared to for reference), must stay in a person’s hair for two-three days with no presence of water allowed on the head during that time; the Blowout serum is washed out merely 90 minutes after application. I was advised to get a Brazilian Blowout because even though I was looking for something to contain my curls a little bit, I was not looking to completely get rid of such a distinctive part of my look. I’m told Brazilian Blowouts are softer on the hair when it comes to the straightening.

The primary reasoning for getting this treatment done to my hair were as follows: I work in a restaurant and as a result, my hair is up for the majority of my days. However, I hate to wear my hair in such a manner because of what I call a “crown of baby hairs” that would outline the front of my head along my forehead line. Since receiving a Brazilian Blowout (by a lovely coworker from that restaurant who has a beautiful salon in her home; Hi, Jayne!), I’ve found that my hair not only goes in a pony-tail smoother, but because my hair is less frizzy, I don’t see myself as Queen of the Restaurant anymore (officially, anyway).

Because the treatment is a little costly, I also purchased the Brazilian Blowout shampoo and conditioner to ensure that I was properly caring for my hair once I left the salon. Using these products keeps my hair softer than it ever has been, and keeps it from drying out quickly… even as I pick at the ends of my hair, as I do habitually. I also find that they guard my hair better against the heat, and I’m not subjected to as much frizziness due to humidity, but with hair as long, thick, and curly as mine, I know it’s something that can’t be perfectly avoided.

Below I’ll include some photos for reference when it comes to frizziness, as you now know that this was my main motivation for getting this hair treatment (which will last about three months) done.

Ultimately, hair is just hair and it’s fun to try new things—it’ll always grow back, grow out, or re-frizz. Happy snipping!


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