an introduction: mary


My name is Mary. Please, don’t call me anything else because, at best, I won’t respond, at worst, I will silently resent it.

After a “fulfilling” three years at Binghamton University, I have the nice piece of paper that says I know something about Comparative Literature. Honestly, explaining what exactly comparative literature is deserves its own certification. After a somewhat negative three years, I returned home feeling no more qualified or suited to the adult world than I’d been before I started. On the bright side, I’d finally admitted my exhaustive cycle of anxiety and depression to both myself and others, so I had a nice prescription antidepressant to chemically boost my spirits. Like most things in my life, this disappointed me when it caused me to gain 40 pounds.

The point I am trying to get to is this: I do not have my life figured out. The shill we are fed from day one is that high school is the best time of our life, but then so is college, and then after that nothing matters because we’ll become sheep at a job in corporate America until we “settle down” and pop out three kids. Perhaps I was lost from the start. I hated high school, and couldn’t wait to get out. College wasn’t much of an improvement after that, which was a driving reason for graduating early. And now, firmly stuck post-grad/pre-employment, I still haven’t found my happy place.

My hope is that this website will be an opportunity to connect with others in a similar life situation. Be they other millennial femmes or a 65 year old looking for a new start after retirement, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we don’t have our shit together, but we’re going to grin, bear it, and give and accept a hand up. Or, at the least, share in some miserable/laughable experiences.


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