an introduction: bridget


Me, serving more attitude than I probably ever have in my life, courtesy of Kat Farrell

Welcome to The LipLiner—a project I hope will develop into a space in which people can go to read and write to their hearts content. My name is Bridget…feel free to call me Bridget, or Bird, or Quiggs  (there’s a fun story with the last two, I swear). I’m 22 years old and a recent recipient of a BA in English. As I search for full-time employment within the field of editing (anyone with connections, please let your girl know!), Mary and I thought this site would be a good outlet to voice our ideas, opinions, and frustrations as we navigate the “real world” and watch our friends do the same. I’m lucky in the sense that I have an incredible support group in the form of both my family (I’ve got five siblings plus two pretty great parents) and a whole smattering of amazing girlfriends…but I know that not everyone is quite so fortunate. I’m hoping that people will look to The LipLiner as an online journal of sorts—whether you need to laugh, to cry, or just need to be reassured  that you’re not the only one that crazy things happen to, we’re here for you.

I’ve never been great with introductions—in fact, introducing my self with a “fun fact” the first day of classes was seriously my nightmare. So to allow you to get to know me, or, know me as much as an online platform will allow, I’ve decided to take six “getting to know you” questions I found on Tumblr and answer them here. (Note: I no longer have a Tumblr because I accidentally followed someone [aka a former coworker] I was creeping on and had to erase the evidence IMMEDIATELY).

1. Do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintery day?

I don’t really mind wintery days so long as I’m bundled up properly…but I’m never really dressed accordingly when it comes to weather and last time it was super cold and windy, I was so cold, I was physically ill. (I’m so much fun!)

2. What random objects do you use to bookmark your books?

I’m a huge reader, but my sisters (who usually will read books when I’m finished with them) always get so angry with me because I used to be a notorious dog ear-er (is that a word?). As I try to be more conscious of the state of my books, I’ll use whatever I can find—old Metro cards (I’m always losing them as they’re near empty, anyway), parking receipts, straw wrappers, etc…

3. How do you take your coffee/tea?

Coffee! Iced (no matter the season) French Vanilla with a little bit of milk, no sugar. Green tea I drink as is.

4. Are you self-conscious of your smile?

Not really, which I suppose I can thank two years of braces for. I’m more self conscious of how round my cheeks are and how that makes my face look once I smile.

5. What’s your favorite pasta dish?

Anything with pasta I will consume.

6. What color do you really want to dye your hair?

I was just talking to my friends about this today! Grey, but I don’t think that I have a enough of a “cool girl” vibe to do so. Readers, you tell me!

I think that this is the beginning of something really special and engaging, and I’m excited for you all to be a part of it!


3 thoughts on “an introduction: bridget

  1. Aunt E says:

    Bridget. Forget dying your hair gray. It will get that way eventually and there is nothing worse (in my opinion) than long gray hair!! Your Williamsburg aunties have a pact ! That we will not go gray. Thank goodness for our favorite hair stylists who keep us happy in 50! Shades of brown!!!

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