writing things i’d like to read

In its creation, The LipLiner served as the creative oasis for two twenty-somethings, looking for somewhere to make permanent their thoughts as they navigate job hunting and this next step of life that colloquially has been dubbed “adulting.” Our mission statement once read: Have you ever tried putting on a beautiful, brand-new, half-off Urban Decay lipstick and gotten it smudged all over the place, regardless of how hard you tried to keep it neat? That’s kind of like life.

In the two years since, we aren’t claiming to have a better handle on anything life throws our way (or a sense of how makeup works, really), but we keep writing and encouraging you to do the same in hopes that one day it makes sense. Whether you’re looking to rant, rave, or just lurk, we’re here for you.

Trust us, LipLiner is a good investment.